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Greeting gentile Pub Goers,

Several people have suggested we so a pub quiz. I've done some research but have yet to decide the best night/pub. On the 3rd we'll give the quiz at the Garibaldi a shot. The quiz starts at 8.30, so we should get there before that (7.30)

This will be it's first week (I think) so there shouldn't be too many space problems. However, we'd be fools to assume that, so:

1) Please only RSVP ("yes") if you are sure you will be coming (truly unforeseen events notwithstanding)

2) Remember the later you turn up, the less likely you are to get a seat - I'll be there 7.30 sharp! Let me know if you do plan to be later - probably best to set a limit of 8.30 till we know how this visit pans out. Even better, let me know if you definitely plan to be on time.

3) Since the pub is quite small, until we've seen how the land lies I've put an RSVP limit on this event. I may change that randomly ('cos I'm like that :)

The The Garibaldi ( (61 Albert Street, AL1 1RT) is good no nonsense Fullers Pub (with plenty of standard pub fare drinkwise). The website states that food is available from 6.00 - 8.30. I assume this will still be the case on Quiz nights (?) (otherwise, off to the chip shop :)

I know they have a TV in this pub (See topics under "When I come to power/crimes punishable by death"). We shall attempt position ourselves away from that. We can hope that the quiz will mean it's turned off.

Make sure you know where the pub is. Here's a link to a map:

I'll be wearing an easily identifiable T-Shirt - this one:

Any problems finding us in the pub, phone/text me on 0789 975 56 19

In the future we may try other pubs, nights, change format/numbers, etc - so any/all views on that are welcome.