First Meetup St Albans WordPress


¡Hello everyone!

This is the first meetup so, as I do not know how many will show up, we will just start with an easy agenda: no agenda.

The idea is to go to the place, meet each other, know what we do and what are our interest on WordPress and enjoy.


The place I have chosen for this first meetup is a pub called "The Crown". I have chosen it because is out of the main area but close to the train station so it is normally quiet and good for meetings. We can change it to any other place if it is not convenient for many people.


This first meetup is the Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

The plan is to meet every second Tuesday of each month. Again, this is just one suggestion, if you prefer other days or more frequent meetups, just come to this first meeting and raise your voice.

I have created a poll on the meetup so everyone on the group can vote for the day they prefer.

This is all for now. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.