WordPress Meetup Event#4


Welcome to the St. Albans WordPress Meetup! We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every Month and this is the fourth event!

We welcome WordPress users of ALL levels, it does not matter how you use WordPress, you are welcome to join us! The main goal of this meetup is to meet new local people and learn from each other.

What are we doing on this event?

For this event we will have a small agenda:

18:30 - Open doors for the event.

19:00 - Welcome to everyone and start of the event. - WordPress News from the last month. I will bring a small list of the latest events or news around WordPress and we can talk about them. - WordPress St.Albans community news. Everything related to this meetup and their members. - Questions and Answers. Do you have something related to WordPress that you want to ask o you need help with? Send your questions using the comments below and bring them to the meetup. Together we will try to answer them. I will update this page to show the Questions 3-4 days before the meetup.

Max two questions for member so we have time for everyone. If you have more questions, write them down and bring them to the meetup, if we have time maybe we can review them too. Everybody can submit a question, it does not matter if you just join the meetup, and the level is not important. So just add yours!


For this event we are going to repeat the venue: The Cricket Pavilion in Clarence Park. We will meet on the bottom floor, the entrance is below the stairs at the front of the building.

The building is located on the middle of Clarence Park, St Albans.


There is a small parking area in front of the building and it is 3 hours free parking. You can also park on Clarence Road.



The Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 18:30 until 21:30.

Want to help?

If you want to give a talk, or if you just want to help us, please come to the meetup and let us know. Also you can help the group just telling others about the meetup, sharing it on social media, etc. Everything helps. Thanks!

We are looking for sponsors!

If you want to help the local WordPress community, you can Sponsor this month meetup. We need help to cover the venue and meetup costs. Contact us!

Hope we see new faces. See you there!

List of Questions so far:

1.) When non-technical Website Editors upload many product photos over time, what is the best WordPress plugin/solution to reduce the file size of uploaded photos - so all the hosting space isn't wasted and so images load fast. Is there a free, popular, well supported plugin?

2.) Discussion about best free themes.. which ones do people recommend and why?

3.) Does anyone recommend a particular eCommerce or Shop plugin?

4.) A lot of websites I see these days looks eerily similar in design. Is this because when people start learning tools such as WP, they mostly traverse a similar path and therefore come to look at fundamental design decisions in a somewhat uniform way ? If yes, how do we encourage people to be unafraid to experiment and try and use a greater number of features that WP offers ?