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Welcome to the St. Croix Spirituality and Awakening Group! This is a place where like-minded people can come together to connect with our "tribe" and explore our inherit nature of healing within, allowing our authentic selves to emerge and shine luminously.

We are currently witnessing and actively participating in a time of unprecedented awakening, accelerated growth and awareness of consciousness. Now is the time to become aware and consciously connect to our innate spiritual being. This connection provides the platform for us to claim our gifts and begin the real journey of healing within. As we individually begin to connect and heal, our lights shine brighter and serve to illuminate the path of others, so they too, may begin to heal and awaken to their own authenticity.

This group is for you if you are feeling a nudge to find deeper purpose and joy in your life. To feel a connection to your true Being. To stop playing small. To claim your innate gifts. To heal within. To feel your beautiful self-worth and vitality. You are not alone in any of this! You are so worthy of being here and you are immensely needed to shine your light at this time.

This space provides a positive community which serves to honor and support one another on our unique life paths helping to discover our own strengths, gifts, intuition, inner power, peace, and joy. This group is an open, positive, and respectful place where people of all religion, age, race, and sexual orientation can safely meet to share in one another's journey of awakening no matter where they may be on their path.

We'll meet once a month to discuss a variety of topics and tools including: stories of awakening, symptoms of awakening, energy healing, raising our vibration, intuitive development, cultivating self-worth and self-love, Universal Laws, Law of Attraction, guided meditation, connecting to our soul, manifesting abundance, book reviews, and much much more!

We look forward to connecting with you and mirroring your beautiful soul back to you.

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