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St Ives Business Owners' Mastermind Group and Co-working Event
· Our Business Owners’ Mastermind Group - for freelancers and other business owners - helps you overcome the challenges that your business is facing right now, without the sales pitch. · Bring your challenge to the group, and you will leave with a selection of solutions that you can implement immediately to help you overcome them. How Do I Book? RSVP to this event AND complete this brief form: ( What is the St Ives Business Owners’ Mastermind Group? Each month, St Ives Business Lounge starts with a collaborative problem solving. Bring the challenge that your business is facing to the event and, as a group; we will brainstorm solutions and work together to help your business as well as the others in the room. This is how it works… Step 1: Tell us your challenge. It can be as specific or unique to your business as it needs to be. It's your challenge after all. Step 2: We systematically go around the room allowing everyone to ask questions that help to understand the challenge better. For example, if the challenge was “I need to sell more seats to a training event”, questions could included “What have you tried already?”, “Who is your target audience?”, or “How many people came to your last event?” ,… rather than "have you thought about giving me a call?” Step 3: Once we've completed the questioning, your problem becomes everyone else's problem. Which means, we go around the room again and invite everyone the opportunity to offer solutions to the challenge, e.g. "If this was my problem, I would....", which is extremely powerful and beneficial for you. It also removes the judgemental, pitchy approach that traditional support often brings. What are the real benefits for me and my business? Whatever it is that is holding you back right now, you will leave a number of ideas to help you move forward. There are no sales pitches, but there will be a variety of experiences and industries in the room, all there to help you. Can I stick around afterwards? For those who want to continue to co-work for the rest of the day & enjoy the benefits of working around others, with high speed WiFI and great coffee. What does it cost? St Ives Small Business Mastermind Group (8:45am - 10am) = £10 (inc breakfast roll, tea and coffee) How Do I Book? Email [masked] to confirm you’d like to join. Also RSVP to the right of this event, so you can meet and chat with fellow attendees. For more information, please email or call us at Cambridge Business Lounge on[masked]

St Ives Corn Exchange

The Pavement, PE27 5AD · St Ives


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Following the success of Cambridge Business Lounge, we have now brought the co-working concept to St Ives, with this monthly event at the St Ives Corn Exchange, that starts with an hour of informal networking. Come and work in a shared office space with other business owners. You'll be amazed how a change of scenery can boost productivity on your business, while sharing ideas, knowledge and contacts, will give you tools to help your business grow.

The space will be open on the 1st Thursday of every month, from 9am - 5pm. What does it cost?

At 9am we start with an networking hour which is £4 per person. Co-working after that is £4 per hour or £15 for the day, including WiFi, teas and coffees too. What do I need to do?

To confirm your booking, you will need to email with the start and end times you would like to attend on the day. For more information, please call us at 01223 324040

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