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These workshops are for you if:

- You have scribbled a 'creative' thought (or more) on a visa bill envelope (because you haven't opened it yet, the idea written felt like a better return of Interest.

- You journal. Or you journalled lots when you were growing up. Why did you stop?

- You Do Write. But not lately. And not enough. You miss connecting with your writing and with people in a giving environment.

- You have never written. Okay. You probably have, but it feels like forever. It's a certain kind of ache. An itch. And maybe you feel a little guilty for ignoring it. Maybe you want to scratch it, see what's below the surface of this ... (rejected part of self).

- You are in a period of transition. Change. Or. You're in the same ol', same ol'. You don't know what to do with that limbo - but you feel the need to be CREATIVE or just explore. You want to write yourself out of it, or into something else.

- You need guidance, facilitation and generous support for you and your writing. (don't we all?)

- You have referred to yourself as neither a creative or writer, and there's a certain shame you feel in disowning a part of yourself that is as REAL as your eye colour, and you know deep down, it's more colourful and relevant than the shade you look through.

- You want to write. Period. You like it. You need it.

You all need to be here. You are all Welcome.

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