What we're about

If you're interested in the history of St. Louis, come explore the many historic sites and buildings in the area. Whether it's a historic home, church, a walking tour, or an occasional museum, we'll see the sites of the St. Louis area. This group will primarily be a "weekend only" group, typically meeting up on Saturday mornings/early afternoons with lunch either before or after the event. We schedule 3-5 events every month.

Please note, there are dues to this meetup. You have a 6-month grace period - but after that you dues are just $5 a year. You must pay the $5 sometime within your 6-month grace period or meetup will kick you out of the group! So join for 6 months for free to see if this group is worth $5 a year to you!

A new question: "My 6-month trial membership went by and I forgot to pay. Now, I'm no longer a part of the group but would like to rejoin. Can I do this?" The answer is Yes, you can. But, meetup won't let you join without paying the $5 annual dues. If you don't want to pay the $5 annual dues online through meetup, keep an eye on our events. Find one that has no limit on the number of members that can attend and plan on being there. You can hand me the $5 then and I can update your profile which will put you back in the group.

Want to know more about our group? There's a lot more info below.

Answers to questions you may have:

Who are we?
We are folks who want to see and learn about the great history of St. Louis – the gateway to the West!

So what will we see?
While I'm open to ideas a member has, it's probably already on my list! I have a list of nearly 150 historical things to do around St. Louis. These include Homes, Museums, Walking Tours, Religious Sites, Buildings, and reenactments. ALL events will be docent-led (with the exception of some museum events), so we have an expert telling us about the historical site!

• Historical Homes – We will go to approximately twelve historical homes each year. I’ve grouped the homes I’ve found into general historical time periods (pre-statehood, early statehood, pre-Civil War era, post-Civil War era, Victorian era, 20th century). We'll hit two eras each year.
• Museums – Lots of museums in the St. Louis area to explore. We’ll go to approximately eight museums each year – and we always finish out the year with a meetup at the Missouri History Museum, where we attend exhibits specifically about the history of St. Louis.
• Walking Tours – Walking tours will include tours of different St. Louis neighborhoods (i.e., Soulard, Central West End), parks, architectural tours, cemeteries, and downtown St. Louis history. We’ll go on approximately 10 walking tours each year, typically in the spring and fall months. We’ll leave the museums for the winter months!
• Religious Sites – I’ve found several religious shrines and historic churches. We'll visit 8 per year - 6 Catholic churches and 2 non-Catholic churches. Did you know that in the St Louis area you can still hear Mass/Service said in: Polish, Italian, Arabic, Latin, German? And some churches still have hymns sung in different languages like Czech or Hungarian!
• Buildings – These are historical areas that aren’t homes and they aren’t religious sites, so I’ve designated them as buildings. We’ll go to approximately 3 of these each year.
• Reenactments – This could be reenactments, interpretive centers, or something that just didn’t fit in any of the above categories. We’ll do this at least two per year.
• Holiday tours – Each year we'll schedule one meetup related to Halloween and one meetup related to Christmas. These are most likely going to be Haunted walking tours (for Halloween) and Holiday Open houses (for Christmas).

• Weekend trips – Beginning in 2019, we are going to experiment with weekend trips away to see historical sites in other (driveable) cities. The idea is to schedule two weekend trips - one to a city in Missouri and one to a city outside Missouri.

I joined late and you’ve already seen some of the places I’d like to see. Will we go back and see some places a second time?
Yes! We have about 6 years worth of events, but with multiple organizers starting in 2019, we will repeat events every 3 years. So, yes, we’ll see the event again; you just may have to wait a couple years! I think the best way to see where we have been is to click on the Photos tab. Someone always takes and posts pictures from each event.

What is the geographic area covered by this group?
I wanted to include the Daniel Boone home in Defiance, Missouri and also some of the historical places in the metro east (Illinois side of St. Louis). I created a 25 mile radius to include these areas. It ended up that Clayton is the center of my circle – so 25 miles around Clayton as the crow flies is the geographic area that we’ll visit. This includes Grafton, Elsah, and Godfrey, IL to the north; Edwardsville, O’Fallon, and Belleville IL to the east; Waterloo, IL and Imperial, MO to the south; and Pacific, Defiance, and O’Fallon, MO to the west. At the very bottom of this message is an approximate map showing the area.

I will consider any historic site in this area. I will spread the furthest sites throughout the 6 years so we’re not driving too much in a single year. There will be 5-6 sites each year outside the I-270 boundary (to the north, south, west) / Illinois boundary (to the east) each year.

Is there any cost to be a member?
Yes. Meetup.com is a business, and they charge me annually to have this site. In addition, I make nametags for every outing and have other supplies I have created. I’d like to cover my costs. If there is money left over after covering costs, I will bank the money for future use by the group. The cost to join our meetup is $5 PER YEAR. However, you have 6 FREE "trial" months after you first join. Unfortunately, meetup changed the way they monitor the paid status, so after 6 months if you have NOT paid, meetup (not me!) kicks you out of the group. You can always rejoin though!

You’ll have to decide if this meetup is worth 42 cents a month to you. I think it will be. Remember there is a 6-month trial period so you can join, see, and attend the types of events we go to for 6 months before committing that investment of $5! And what a great investment is is! For just $5 (42 cents a month), you can meet up with a great group of people approximately 48 times (3-5 times a month) each year and learn interesting facts about the city you live in!

Another cost is that many of the historic sites we visit have admission fees. I will post these when I schedule the meetup. Some of the not-for-profits don’t have admission fees but gladly accept donations. I will suggest a $5 donation for these places, but it isn’t mandatory.

What is the $5 annual fee used for?
I will use the $5 to:
1. Pay the annual fee for hosting a meetup.com group
2. Pay for nametags and printer ink
3. The host for the event will receive approximately $5 for each event they host.

OK, how do I pay?
Three ways to choose from:
1. You can send me a private email through meetup and I can send you my address. You can send the $5 by cash or check.
2. Since you have 6 months of a trial period, you can come to an activity in the 6 months and pay me at the first event you attend. (This has proven to be the most popular method).
3. You can pay online through meetup.

What days of the week will events be on? How often are events?
I have a full-time job and 4 boys (and a husband) who keep me busy, and as of 2017, a daughter-in-law! One of the reasons I started this meetup was because other meetups I was interested in primarily met in St. Louis on weekdays (we live in Illinois). And that just doesn’t work for me. Because of my family and work time commitments, most events will take place on Saturday mornings/early afternoons. I also have to work around high school cross country, ice hockey, and track meets! There will be some Sunday events – especially during cross country season when Saturdays are filled with meets. Since some historic sites are open only on weekdays, there will occasionally be meetups on weekdays. The weekday meetups will likely be scheduled in the summer months when I have more free time (I’m a teacher).

Starting in 2019, three to five events are scheduled each month. In our first 3 years, we attended 2 events a month, but with membership growing, we are upping the meetups to 3-5 per month.

What about after the event? We’ll be having such a good time in such good company, we won’t want to break up the party!
That’s why most events will be followed (or preceded) by a lunch. I look for the top rated restaurant in the area of the historic site. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better AND try out new restaurants.

I will call the restaurant beforehand to make sure they can handle a group our size. If you can’t make the historic site meetup for some reason, you can always join us for lunch.

Has the organizer checked out the events beforehand?
Nope – I’m going in knowing as much as you. Sometimes it may be something that I’ve been to before, but the reason I created the meetup group was to visit places I’ve never been. I’ve enjoyed every one we’ve been to so far.

Are there any rules for membership?
As a social group, our objective is to have fun! But I do ask members to observe the following guidelines:

• Please be courteous with your RSVPs. If you RSVP "Yes" to an event, show up! I realize that occasionally last-minute happenings might make it impossible to change your RSVP, but this should be a rare exception, not the rule. And on the occasion where the event is limited, holding a space for yourself when others are on the waiting list, then not showing up, is just incredibly inconsiderate. If your plans change, update your RSVP right away. This is important!. For some events, we will have a waitlist, and those people will need to know as soon as possible if they make it in.
• If you are on the waitlist, please keep checking, especially in the 48 hours prior to the event. There can be a lot of movement on the waitlist in the last 48 hours as people realize they have double booked or other things have come up.
• If you do come to an event, please find me first! That should be easy. In the winter months, I have a pink coat that should stand out. I also have a meetup sign on a pole I’ve made that I’ll be holding at events prior to the start time. You can’t miss me! I’ll have nametags at each event for everyone to wear so we get to know each other.
• I welcome input about any aspect of the group's operation! This most definitely includes historic sites suggestions and restaurant suggestions. And, by all means, if anyone has a negative experience at any event, please bring it to my attention at once. Participating in our events is supposed to be fun as well as informative!

So, in summary, we're here to:

• See new sites!
• Have fun!
• Learn something new about the greater St. Louis area!
• Make new friends!

Hope to see you soon!

General boundaries of our historic sites. Approximately 75% of the events will take place within the I-270 boundary.


Upcoming events (5+)

St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church: 9:15 service, 10:45 tour/talk

Parking: St. Nicholas Church is located in the beautiful Central West End Neighborhood of St. Louis City on the corner of Kingshighway and Forest Park Parkway. Park for free at the BJC parking garage.While travelling east on Laclede use the first entrance on the right. Then validate your ticket at St. Nicholas. We will have a tour/talk of the Greek Orthodox church. Father Michael will tell us about the church, the Greeks who came to St. Louis, and will also answer any theological questions about the Orthodox religion you might have. The tour/talk will follow services. We are also welcome to attend services. There is an 8am Orthros (Matins) service. "The Orthros Service precedes the Divine Liturgy on Sundays. This service consists of readings from the Book of Psalms, the Old Testament, and the Gospels. The beautiful hymns throughout the service are rich with profound theological meaning. " from http://www.sngoc.org/content/church-services I will probably not make the 8am portion. The "main" service begins immediately following the 8am service - probably around 9:15am. I would suggest getting there between 9am and 9:15am if you want to attend the "main" service. The priest I spoke to said people sometimes arrive late and not to worry about that if the service has already begun. Please note, ONLY Orthodox Christians can take communion at the church. If you are not an Orthodox Christian, you are welcome to share in the bread that is passed out at the end of the service, but NOT the communion. Roman Catholic is NOT Orthodox (I'm sure most of you know that, but just in case I thought I'd put it out there). Also, the priest told me that sometimes ushers will guide guests to the choir loft. That isn't to segregate people, its because you can see the church and service better up there. If you want to sit in the choir loft, do (I will). BUT, if you prefer sitting on the main floor, that is fine too. Finally, if you are not interested in attending any of the services, please come at 10:45am for the tour/talk afterwards.

Lunch after St Nicholas

Ballpark Village St. Louis

I figure I will post two lunches. Some people want to go to the Bacon and Brunch Festival at Ballpark Village will takes place until 3pm. I'm going to start with that lunch spot. For those who don't want to do the Bacon and Brunch festival, I'm open to ideas for lunch after! Go here to buy tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-bacon-and-brunch-festival-tickets-67507876877

Lunch at Wildflower Restaurant after St Nicholas

4590 Laclede Ave

For those who don't want to go to the Ballpark for The Bacon and Brunch Fest, Wildflower Restaurant has a brunch on Sundays. Go here for the menu: https://www.wildflowerstl.com/brunch/ Reservation is under my name.

Chesterfield Heritage Museum

Chesterfield Mall

Every year we do 2-3 small local historic society museums. One of our members forwarded information to me about the Chesterfield Heritage Museum. So, let's try this: A Celebration of CHESTERFIELD ANCIENT HISTORY Museum open house and book signing 1)...Chesterfield Heritage Museum Open House 2)...Meet local author Mark Leach and learn about his latest book- CAHOKIA IN CHESTERFIELD 3)...Meet Chesterfield's world renown artist Don Weigland and view his sculptures 4)...See Chesterfield's 1,000 year-old frog (Cahokian frog effigy pipe)! Chesterfield Mall - 2nd floor Near the old Dillard's store (one reference said southeast entrance, one said northeast - not sure which) Thursday, September 26,[masked]:30 pm to 9:00 pm FREE AND OPEN TO PUBLIC Link: https://www.facebook.com/Chesterfield-Heritage-Foundation-239137780045960/

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