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Fully Functional & Programmed in Multiple Techniques - Part 3
Woo! Forgot to get the description up in time to hit the "Announce" button, so I have a choice to make. Either cancel and re-add the meetup, or just update the post and hope for the best. I don't know which it'll be, but I'm sure you'll have figured out which by the time you read this... If you are reading this, that is. We are coming to a close on our series on Android pen-testing. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll come up with other excuses to post's weird pictures of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Oh, and there is also a presentation next Friday as well, if you are interested. I just assume everyone comes for the Data pics, but the truth is we've got a lot of educational shit going on too! As I was saying, Anarchy is finishing up his trilogy of talks on ways to probe the orifices of the Android operating system by revealing to us the secrets of exported broadcast receivers. (I don't care if you grammar nazis say that's a run-on sentence or not. I'm sticking with it!) So let's destabilize this positronic matrix and use some fucking contractions at the next STL2600 + DC314 Meetup! Be there, or B4!

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The St. Louis 2600 meetup is a monthly meeting dedicated to hacking in all it's forms. An expansion of the original meetings started by the long running magazine of the same name as an open forum for anyone of any age, or level of expertise, to come and learn. Meetups are held on the first Friday of every month all over the world and here in St. Louis. The Meetup is held at Arch Reactor, St. Louis first Hackerspace, and usually gets started around 6pm.

The meetup will normally consist of a presentation, followed by discussion. If you'd like to make a presentation, please let the organizers know at least a week or two ahead of time so we can make sure to have time allotted. Presentations on any topic related to hacking, privacy, or computers are welcome. Presentations also don't need to be very in depth, feel free to bring presentations that are just introductions to things you think are cool.

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