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Right now I Need you all to realize how special you all are to me. Because right now I'm lit like InitEch after Milton quit at the end of Office Space. I was at a beer festiVal, so I've been drinking non-stop sincE 6:00. Oh, don't give me that look! It's not like I do this daily... well not always "daily". I mean when you sleep a full 36 hours afteRwards, that's at least one day in there between drinks, right? This isn't about me anyway! I'm tryinG to bare my sOle here. They're gel iNserts... No? Okay, fiNe. I'm trying to bAre my soul here. Like I said, I've had a bit to drink. Why else would I be resorting to footwear humor? My point, as flimsy as it miGht be, is that as sure as I'll have a headache tomorrow mornIng all I want to do right now is sleep while leVitating a good 4-5 inches above my matrEss. That's how we normal human non-interdimensional-aliens do it, right? But I can't because I'm committed... and committed to all of you to making sure this meetup post get's updated at some point before the actual meetup takes place. Because that's hOw we normal human non-interdimensional-aliens experience *snickers* "time". Amiright?! But that's how important you are all to me. I'm sacrificing my human-sleep, so I can make sure you all are aware of what is going on at the next STL2600 + DC314 Meetup. You are welcome! And because of our linear timeline, none of you have anY idea what this months topic is yet. Because I've been rambling on pretty nonsensically for a couple of passages now. It's like I've just been spewing a bunch of nOnesense to cover up the fact there is something else going on entirely. Like if I were a cyberspace version of Elon MUsk, and I decided to build a tunnel under all the other traffic on the Internets so I can send my packets along unobstructed. Well surprise! That's exactly what we are going to talk about. Now I know most of our regulars already know how VPN's work. But it was expressed to me that there's a lot of people out there who are interested in VPN, and the benefits of anonymity, but don't quite no where to start. So Bob and I have decided to help them out. We are going to put together a VPN rUndown. We are going to take a look at the various VPN providers out there and compare them. Then touch on how to setup a VPN for your home network, for those of your out there who want something a little bit more soPhisticated. It may not sound like much, but in my current inebriated state, it sure seems like there is a lot to talk about on the subject. I'm out of bad jokes, so see you all next Friday.

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The St. Louis 2600 meetup is a monthly meeting dedicated to hacking in all it's forms. An expansion of the original meetings started by the long running magazine of the same name as an open forum for anyone of any age, or level of expertise, to come and learn. Meetups are held on the first Friday of every month all over the world and here in St. Louis. The Meetup is held at Arch Reactor, St. Louis first Hackerspace, and usually gets started around 6pm.

The meetup will normally consist of a presentation, followed by discussion. If you'd like to make a presentation, please let the organizers know at least a week or two ahead of time so we can make sure to have time allotted. Presentations on any topic related to hacking, privacy, or computers are welcome. Presentations also don't need to be very in depth, feel free to bring presentations that are just introductions to things you think are cool.

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