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Project Nephology: Phase II - Online Office Suites

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Surprise! I waited until the last minute to post the meetup for this months STL2600 + DC314 Meetup! Did I fool you? No? Oh, I do this all the time? I see...

Truth is the delay in getting these things posted is the same reason I'm not a bomb defusal technician. Severely limited attention span... I'd be over the timing circuit figuring out whether to cut the red or green wire when... "Ooh... That's an interesting shade of green. What is that? And Evergreen color? I wonder if Home Depot can match that in a paint. It would look great in my..." *KABOOM*. Suddenly I'm hit by a bus because I was paying attention to color pallets instead of paying attention and moving the bomb from the middle of a busy road.

I mean, someone with a more reasonable attention span would have probably gotten to the point by now. Well it may take me a little longer, but I get there eventually. Right about now should do...

So for the next STL2600 + DC314 meeting, Bob and I will be picking up where we left off last week with "Project Nephology". We are going to continue to help wean you away from the teat of corporate owned cloud services by setting up a replacement for Google Docs with Collabora Online Development Edition. It's developed by the people who developed Libre Office, and fully integrates into the Nextcloud software we discussed last week. By combining these two services, you effectively be able to abandon Google Docs / Drive or any other online office suite with a self-hosted solution that you control!

See. Got to the point eventually. See you there.

My, my, my... How far we've come...