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An Encore of "REST is dead, long live GraphQL!"

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Both Bob and I recently gave talks at last weekend's PhreakNIC in Tennessee. And despite the unfounded and yet self-speculated miraculous abilities of both Bob and myself, pulling more than one presentation a month out of our collective metaphorical orifices is beyond even our legendary abilities. So we are going to cheat!

At the next STL2600 + DC314 meetup, Bob will be presenting his talk that is so nice, I've asked him to do it some number of times that rhymes with the word "nice". But I'm going to cut this description about short, as I am dealing with some virulent cold that could be turned into a biological weapon. So I'm just going to copy and paste what Bob wrote for his PhreakNIC description:

"GraphQL is a next generation query system for the internet. If you've ever been frustrated by a REST API because the data came back in an uncomfortable format, or you weren't able to ask for exactly what you need, then GraphQL is for you.

In this talk, I'll give an overview of how GraphQL APIs are built, how to use them as a client, and (since this is PhreakNIC) a brief breakdown of the security implications. The services demoed in the talk will be live and publicly accessible, so feel free to bring a laptop along to test out what you'll learn in real time."

There you go. See you all next week... If I survive. Until then, I'm going back to bed and REST.

(Well what do you know? I still had one pun left in me.)