• Wings (Women in Games) Working Session
    This event is private and only for women and people of underrepresented genders. Come work on your games! Bring your laptop, or whatever you use to make games, so you can get some work done while hanging out with other women and people of underrepresented genders. It is a great chance to get some help or feedback with whatever project you are working on, but keep in mind that other attendees are there to work on their own stuff as well. Since this is a working session event, don't let the fact that you may not be able to come right at 5:30 or stay until 8:30 stop you from coming. Even if you can only stop by for a bit we'd love for you to come! To find out the event location, sign up for Wings using the link below. Wings is a program designed to bring visibility and support to women and people of underrepresented genders in the local game industry by providing a private, safe space to discuss the issues they face as a group in the game industry, make connections with their fellow developers, and talk about game development. Not a member of Wings already? Sign up here: http://stlgamedev.com/wings/ The St. Louis Game Developer Co-op is dedicated to a harassment-free event experience for everyone. Please read our Code of Conduct. http://stlgamedev.com/events/code-of-conduct/

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