Celery Architecture - A Primer on Vertical Slicing with Garo Yeriazarian



5:30pm - Social and Food sponsored by Headspring

6:00pm - Announcements and Lightning Talk

"A Lap around Blazor" with Clint Edmonson

6:30pm - Main Talk

Celery Architecture Because Onions Make You Cry: A Primer on Vertical Slicing with Garo Yeriazarian

You're so proud that your team is knocking this Agile thing out of the park: Work items are being sized properly, product owners are engaged, and your feedback loops are cranked up to 11. Your architecture, however, is not quite as agile as you'd like it to be.

Vertical Slice Architecture (so dubbed Celery) groups all the code around your features logically, which allows team members to work in parallel, reduce project context switching, and focus on building a usable package from top to bottom. In this talk, you'll see how a web application built on a celery architecture works and learn how to put one together on your own, for fun AND profit!

Garo was born and raised in the ever-expanding Greater Houston Area, Garo has been messing with software for at least 27 years, writing it for money for about 16 years, talking about it for maybe 20 years, and loving every clock cycle of it. He has worked as *the* Software Whisperer for Baker Hughes, leading software teams, conducting design reviews, and coaching people on how to put the 0's and 1's in a close enough order to make things work. Currently, he is a Principal Consultant (and Software Whisperer) at Headspring, making silky smooth software for industrial companies, coaching junior developers on how not to cause major outages in their first weeks on the job, and bringing mirth and merriment everywhere he goes.

7:30pm - Closing and head to Fuzzy's at West Port