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Meetup @ Sybergs on April 12th for 3rd PUG meeting with Bruce Momjian as Speaker

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Once again we are fortunate to have Bruce Momjian speaking at our Postgresql User Group meeting on April 12th at Sybergs on Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights. EnterpriseDB will be sponsoring the refreshments. I hope to see you all there.


5 to 5:15 pm - Introductions

5:15 to 5:45 pm - "Non-Relational Postgres" presentation by Bruce Momjian

5:45 to 6 pm - Break

6 to 6:45 pm - "PostgreSQL Replication Solutions" presentation by Bruce Momjian

6:45 on - break and mingle

Presentation Overview:

Non-Relational Postgres - Postgres has always had strong support for relational storage. However, there are many cases where relational storage is either inefficient or overly restrictive. This talk shows the many ways that Postgres has expanded to support non-relational storage, specifically the ability to store and index multiple values, even unrelated ones, in a single database field. Such storage allows for greater efficiency and access simplicity, and can also avoid the negatives of entity-attribute-value(eav) storage. The talk will cover many examples of multiple-value-per-field storage, including arrays, range types, geometry, full text search, xml, json, and records.

PostgreSQL Replication Solutions - This talk is for people who need some kind of replication and want to learn more about the replication options available for PostgreSQL. Replication is not a single technology but rather a group of needs and solutions that has to be tailored to each usage for optimal performance and functionality. This talk outlines the major needs for replication and major solutions, including those currently implemented in PostgreSQL and those in development.