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Meetup to learn about PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery and High Availability

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Hi STLPUG members, its about time to have another meetup. We'll be at the same place as the last meeting, Sybergs on Dorsett. Our sponsor, EnterpriseDB, will be providing food and drink.

We are going to have two topics this time, please see details below. Hope to see you all there.

Topic 1 - PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery

The speaker for this topic is Raghavendra Tadipathri - EnterpriseDB Consultant with over 8 years of experience with Postgresql


- Backup Methods

- Online Backups

- Recovery Solutions

- Point-In Time Recovery Concepts

- Recovery Examples

Topic 2 - An Availability Journey with MasterCard and PostgreSQL

The speaker is John Young - Senior Technical Consultant @ MasterCard


MasterCard has a variety of availability requirements depending on the application. Initially PostgreSQL was only used for applications with very little performance or availability requirements, but as the use of PostgreSQL has expanded so have those requirements. This talk is an overview of how MasterCard went from basic availability (9 to 5) to co-processing in multiple data centers. The various phases will be covered along the Journey from a “Z” strategy, HA Architecture of MasterCard by using binary streaming replication (BSR) between locations, to the advancement of Automated Failover – F5 solution to allow recover from JBOSS or PostgreSQL failures, to Multi-master/Bi-Directional Replication (BDR) with Logical Log Streaming Replication and a few stops in-between. The core focus will be on the bi-directional replication and the areas to be aware of for continued support in that type of environment.