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Healthy Reasons For Humans & Pets to Go Vegan Vegetarian
Few People including MDs and veterinarians tell the public that going Vegan - Vegetarian can stop the progressive Animal Fat-LDL Cholesterol blockage of arteries in Humans, Cats & Dogs. We do know that Dean Ornish, MD, Michael Klaper, MD, Mark Furman, MD, John McDougall, MD, T. Collin Campbell, PhD & The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine all confirm these facts. The Slaughter Animal - Chemical Drug Industry do not want us to know these facts, because they make so much money selling us Animal Flesh & Animal Secretion Foods that make us sick so we buy more Chemical Drugs to compensate for diseases caused by eating Animal Flesh & Secretion Foods. We can all look younger, be more energetic, have higher intellectual and mental performance by going Vegan. Animal Fat-LDL Blockage and Inflammation of arteries cause Human & Pet skin to sag, heart, brain, immune system, joints & pancreas organs to progressively shut down and fail. In Cats and Dogs, arterial blockage and resulting organ failure occurs as their pancreas begins to malfunction and age. At our Meet Ups, we will discuss how to get more People and their Pets to go Vegan-Vegetarian. Please bring a friend that has an interest in getting healthier and kinder to Humans, Non Humans and our Planet. It would be a great time to discuss the films "What The Health" and "Cowspiracy" and People you have found to be inspirational on your mission to improve mind - body relationship of ourselves and others. We will also talk about issues with family members, friends we have had issues with convincing "Why Go Vegan-Vegetarian ".


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I am a nationally and internationally awarded scientist working in Vegan Supplement Applications for Disease (instead of chemical drugs) & advanced Plant Protein Pet Food Design for Dogs, Cats & other Non Humans (see awards at our website Get FREE assistance with Pet Health Issues and FREE samples of Evolution Vegan Plant Protein Cat-Dog Foods & Supplement Information at this Meet Up or call me directly at 651-228-0632. Vegans, Vegetarians, Non Vegans are encouraged to join. People with Health Issues or People with Cat & Dog Health Issues can be helped with a Vegan Plant Protein Food Plan and supplements instead of chemical drugs should join. Pet Parents wanting to feed safer, healthier discounted Evolution, Ami or Benovo Cat & Dog Plant Protein Vegan Pet Foods. This meetup is designed to connect Vegans, Vegetarians and People interested in a much healthier, safer, kinder way of living for themselves and their Pets. All Residents of Richfield, Bloomington, Minneapolis and St. Paul are welcome. Come make new friends and trade Vegan Recipes, advice, and tips on how easy it is to go Vegan. Watch some of our weekly "Health Now" TV Cable Programs on CTV CH 15 in the Northern Suburbs of Minneapolis - St. Paul at 8:30 Monday Nights. Join our FREE weekly "World Peace Diet Sunday Phone Conference" every Sun. at 7 PM CST by phoning 1-712-432-3900, Access Code 568364# (ending the middle or May 2018). Listen to Bob Linden's "Radio" and "Go Vegan" on google.

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