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Friendsgiving Poolside!
There will be NO cost to attend. All I ask, is that you please RSVP as early as possible, and if you RSVP, please come. I am inviting people from facebook as well as people I know offline. Even a small turnout here might be a pretty sizable turnout overall. This is a potluck which means you should bring a small dish and a bottle/case of your favorite liquor/beer/drink to share. We'll all do the same. If you are between jobs, or otherwise not able to bring something, come early and help set up, stay late and help clean up. I don't want anyone to feel excluded from this event. Friendsgiving is a great holiday which was invented by people who either don't live near their family or don't like their family...haha! I'll be providing a case of beer, and a smoked turkey from my buddies at MnM BBQ. This is my first time ordering a turkey from them but they make amazing food! I have been tossing this idea around for the past few weeks and decided to do this pool side, as some of you may be new to town, and it just feels more relaxed to me. Besides that, you can send pictures to your families up north showing that here in florida we can hang by the pool any time of the year! There's a big table inside we can gather around if the weather surprises me and ends up being too cold ...or we can just hang by the pool sipping margaritas!

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    This is a group for singles and couples between 21-35 who are looking to get out, meet new people, and just have a great time! Whether it be to grab dinner, see a movie, explore a new brewery, this group is completely about meeting others who want to develop meaningful and FUN friendships! There is no set activity or interest, just a like-minded group of people who want to get out more and meet awesome people!

    All of the meetups will be fun. Most of the meetups will be in St Pete, but we may throw in some beach, boat and gulf port trips for variety. There may also be a few events a year that are out of town. Orlando maybe? A cruise maybe? Are you ready to vacation with all your new friends?!

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