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Liberate yourself from the monolithic build!

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Liberate yourself from the monolithic build! By Mark Galpin, Senior Product Manager, JFrog

While automated build platforms for C/C++ applications is something we have been doing for years, for many people the toolset feels limited compared to what you can do with other applications. C and C++ development teams often find themselves unable to leverage more modern concepts in software delivery like dependency management, continuous integration, promotion pipelines, etc. which in turn make DevOps practices elusive. There has to be a better way.
In this talk we will discuss how to liberate yourself from a monolithic build with the power of Conan, an OSS (MIT-Licensed) package manager designed for C/C++. We will show the basics of how and why to use Conan and show how you can use Conan to drastically reduce build times, as part of true CI workflows.

Mark Galpin is a Senior Product Manager at JFrog, the creators of the Artifactory Binary Repository and other binary management tools, as well as the sponsors of the Conan open source project. His passion is helping the world make better software faster, with efficient tools and processes. His particular focus is as a product manager of Conan, an MIT licensed-project that is the world’s premiere C/C++ dependency manager, and on architectures and use cases for liquid software workflows throughout the JFrog tool suite.

Before coming to JFrog in 2015, he spent eight years working on software, interoperability, and data standards as a contractor for the United States Army. He played a major role in a number of efforts that improved communication between army software applications on the battlefield, focused on data interoperability between sensors and analysis systems.