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Welcome to St8Flo ! ( pronounced : State Flow )

TL; DR - We're 6000+ Big data / ML / AI guys using infra like Hadoop / Spark / Apex + early adopters of a new Javascript based data computing framework called St8Flo. Join in for hackathons, jobs, networking etc.



We're a 6000+ strong community across multiple Meetup groups, spread across Mumbai & Pune, with members who are :

1> Big Data, Machine Learning, AI enthusiasts & professionals - using existing technologies like Hadoop / Spark / Apex, and interested in Hackathons, Workshops and general networking / group discussions...

2> General Javascript developers, looking to get into Big Data / ML / AI etc

In addition to community activities, we will also be testing and introducing a new Javascript based data tech called St8Flo http://st8flo.com (http://st8flo.com/) (similar to Apex, also see below) - that aims to simplify the ecosystem into one intuitive framework around the most popular development language - Javascript - and champion it's use in data & distributed computing.

Join in !

Participate / take initiative / contribute to be noticed, and build your thought leadership. If you'd like to speak, organise a hackathon, conduct recruitments or sponsor anything - PM the admin. We're open to all good things !


St8Flo team


About St8Flo

pronounced State Flow & similar in many ways to Apache apex, including a visual DIY and remote monitoring tools - but far more powerful, with many more applicable use-cases, & yet, easier to setup and use.

You can literally take a bunch of home or business computers, mobile phones and scalable cloud instances, network them all together to build a supercomputer that runs St8Flo apps, and handles data computations at any scale - all within the comfort of your home or office.

See more at www.st8flo.com (http://www.st8flo.com/)

Some key features -

• Built and programmable in Javascript

• Use-cases range from Big Data, Data warehousing, Serverless backends - to - IoT, Blockchain and Distributed ML

• Embeddable in websites, hybrid mobile apps, or standalone applications or any mix.

• Runs on any mix of OSes,and the browser. On most machine architectures, including mobile devices

• Abstracts out the distributed nature of a clustered system and lets you compose your application as if it was one single reactive machine. Almost like it wasn't distributed at all.

• Behind the scenes, the framework automatically handles distribution, synchronisation and fault tolerance across multiple machines and browsers. Though you can choose to specify how - for a more controlled approach.

• A robust routing api also lets you micro control what data transformations happen where - ie your data & compute locality.

• Many more features and supporting tools. More details to come.

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