Row, Row, Row Your Go

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Row-type polymorphism is a powerful technique to allow us to write abstract composable programs. Although we don’t have explicit support for row-type polymorphism in go, interfaces allow us to get some of the same benefits.

In this talk I’ll introduce you to row-like interfaces in go and show you how they can make it easy to create libraries that can easily compose and integrate into larger applications.

Rebecca Skinner is a software developer based in St. Louis. She’s been using Go since 2014. You can find her talking about Go, Haskell, and Rust on Twitter @cercerilla.

The meetup will start with pizza around 6 then announcements at 6:20 - 6:30. Following that will be a few minutes of something interesting in the Go world followed by the presentation.

We typically wrap up around 8 but the room will be open for a while so feel free to hang around a bit and visit.