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Want to introduce the use of Go into your organization? Implementing some new REST services in Go is a great way to get started. This talk will show you how.

We’ll walk through the implementation of some services that perform CRUD operations on a relational database--PostgreSQL in this case. The services accept and return JSON data.

There are many Go libraries that support doing this. We’ll look at “Gin” for handing HTTP requests and “pq” for interacting with PostgreSQL databases.

One tricky part is enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) so web apps at different domains from the REST server are allowed to send requests. We’ll see how to configure this.

We’ll test the REST services using Postman.

Finally, we’ll configure the ability to watch source files for changes and automatically rebuild and restart our server.

Mark Volkmann is a partner at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) in St. Louis where he has provided software consulting and training since 1996. As a consultant, Mark has assisted many companies with JavaScript, Node.js, React, AngularJS, and Java application development.

Mark has created and taught many courses on topics including React, Vue, AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Java, and XML.

Mark is a frequent presenter at St. Louis area user groups. He has written for XML Journal and the No Fluff Just Stuff magazine. He has presented at the MidwestJS, Jfokus, Strange Loop, NDC Oslo, No Fluff Just Stuff, and XML DevCon conferences.

Mark frequently writes articles on various software development topics. These can be found at

The meetup will start with pizza around 6 then announcements at 6:20 - 6:30. Following that will be a few minutes of something interesting in the Go world, then the presentation.

We typically wrap up by 8 but the room will be open for a while so feel free to hang around a bit and visit.