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Monthly St. Louis County Libertarian Party Central Committee Meeting
We meet the third Monday of the month to discuss Libertarian Party business for Saint Louis County. Socializing is from 7:00pm to 7:30pm with business starting at 7:30pm. Meetings are open to all Libertarians, and we welcome and invite Libertarians from the Saint Louis metro area to attend. This meeting location is a conference room in a condo owned by one of our members. To get in you'll want to park in the parking garage in a place not marked Reserved, and walk West from the parking garage to the door on the right with the key entry. After parking in a NON-RESERVED parking space in the garage, approach the building on the ground level at the east side (garage side) of 1270. There is a call-box to the left of one of the doors. Big button with letter Z on it. Hit it until Lewis appears with a code number. Type in code number and it will dial my cell phone. Should unlock when I answer and hit special key on my phone. Go up one flight of stairs, right down short hall to meeting room. By attending you could: meet fellow Libertarian Party members learn about events and activities involving party members find out how you could help support and grow the party help shape the future of the party in Saint Louis County

Hanley Station Condominium

1270 Strassner Dr · Brentwood, mo