What we're about

STLSC is a fun, friendly place for active St. Louisans to gather and enjoy a variety of social and recreational activities.

Here are some of the things we've done (or plan to do soon...)

• Hiking - Backpacking - Nature Walks
• Walking - Inline Skating/Rollerblading - Urban Trails
• Bicycling - Motorcycling - ATV/ORV Riding
• Kayaking - Canoeing - Rafting - Tube Floats
• Boating - Sailing - Water Sports
• Swimming - Snorkeling/SCUBA - Water Parks
• Camping - Bonfires - Hayrides
• Rock Climbing - Ropes Courses - Cave Exploration
• Ziplining - Paragliding - Skydiving - Hot Air Balloon Rides
• Skiing - Ice Skating - Winter Sports

• Pickleball - Racquetball/Squash - Volleyball - Tennis - Badminton
• Basketball - Football - Softball - Soccer - Ultimate (Frisbee)
• Grid (What's "grid", you ask? Join us to find out!)
• Golf - Mini-Golf - Disc Golf - Driving Ranges
• Group Workouts/Exercise - Martial Arts - Yoga/Meditation
• Bowling - Bocce Ball - Shuffleboard
• Billiards/Pool - Darts - Axe Throwing
• Paintball - Laser Tag - Sport/Target Shooting - Archery
• Roller Skating - Trampoline Parks - Hide & Seek (It's not just for kids!)

• Dining Out - Food Trucks
• Picnics - BBQ/Cookouts
• Wineries - Happy Hours - Pub Crawls
• Singles Mixers - Birthday Celebrations - Dinner Parties
• Festivals - Fairs - Conventions - Car Shows
• Holiday Activities - Fireworks Displays - Parades

• Live Music - Outdoor Concerts
• Open Mic Nights - Karaoke
• Dancing - Dance Lessons
• Movies - Theater - Performing Arts - Circuses
• Comedy Clubs/Open Mic - Poetry/Spoken Word - Lectures/Seminars
• Sporting Events - Horse Racing - Rodeos - Tractor Pulls

• Amusement Parks - Go-Karts - Bumper Cars/Boats
• Casinos - Arcades - Escape Rooms
• Museums - Galleries - Zoos - Aquariums - Botanical Gardens
• Sightseeing - Tours - Train Rides - Riverboat Excursions - Day Trips
• Road Trips - Weekend Getaways - Group Vacations - Cruises

• Game Nights - Trivia Nights - Fantasy Sports - RPG/Video Gaming
• Photography - Drone Flying - Special Interest Clubs
• Cooking Classes - Glass Blowing - Arts & Crafts
• Shopping - Spa Days - Self-Help/Wellness - Book Swaps/Discussions
• Volunteering - Charitable Events/Benefits

If you think you'd like to join STLSC and get in on the fun, please read our Policies, Guidelines, and Code of Conduct, then fill out the membership request form.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!


You must meet the following conditions to be approved as a member of STLSC:

1. You must be a member in good standing of Meetup.
2. You must acknowledge that you will be participating in the events of STLSC of your own free will and do not hold STLSC, nor its organizers, responsible for any injuries sustained during an event.
3. Your profile must include at least your first name. A nickname may only be used if it's the name you commonly go by.
4. Your profile must also include a photo of yourself taken within the last 5 years in which your face can be clearly seen. No one else's face should be visible in this photo. (We need to be able to easily identify you in person.)
5. You must agree to keep your RSVP status current for events that you sign up for (i.e. change your status to "Not Going" if you and/or your guest[s] no longer intend to attend an event.)
6. You cannot be a member of STLSC or Meetup if you are a convicted sex offender or have been convicted of a violent crime. You can also be removed at the Head Organizer's discretion based on your criminal record or other safety concerns.
7. You must read and agree to STLSC's Policies, Guidelines, and Code of Conduct.

If you feel that you have met all of the above requirements, please complete and submit a membership request form.

For more information, visit our website at StLSocial.club.

Upcoming events (4+)

Tour de Feast (July): Berix

Needs a location

This month's theme is: Bosnian

Tour de Feast s all about enjoying reasonably-priced international and/or ethnic cuisine with your fellow foodies in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Whether we're eating at one of your old favorites or you're trying out a foreign flavor for the first time, TdF is a great opportunity to expand your palate and maybe even learn a little bit about a new culture in the process, all while socializing with scores of sensational St. Louis singles and STLSC soc's!

1 - Epicurean

A Day at the Beach: Swimming @ Fugitive Beach

Needs a location

Howzabout we spend a day relaxing in a simulated tropical paradise?

Fugitive Beach in Rolla offers sparkling blue waters for swimming and a large sand beach for sunbasking.

Please click HERE for Fugitive Beach's rules or check their website below for more information.

For those who wish to continue the fun beyond Saturday, we'll be moving our operation to Ozark Outdoors in Leasburg later in the afternoon, where we'll be staying overnight in anticipation of the Meramec Tube Float on Sunday. Check the "Camping @ Ozark Outdoors" event page for additional info and a link to make reservations.

WEBSITE: Fugitive Beach
COST: $15
1 - Explorer
1 - Outdoor Adventurer

Campout @ Ozark Outdoors

Needs a location

After our group outing to Fugitive Beach, we'll be reconvening at Ozark Outdoors Resort in Leasburg to spend the night before embarking on our tube loop float on Sunday 7/10.

Although we will be staying at Ozark Outdoors as a group, we will not be reserving a large group campsite. You must call to reserve your own campsite. However, if you specifically request to be situated near the "(Daniel) Moses" party, they will attempt to place you in close proximity to the rest of the group, depending on site availability at the time of your reservation. (So reserve your site early!)

For more info on the tube loop float the next day, check out the "Meramec Tube Float 2022: The Creekquel" event page.

WEBSITE: Ozark Outdoors Resort
COST: Campsite - $16.50/night; Call for motel/cabin rates & availability
1 - Explorer (if you haven't already gone to Fugitive Beach)
1 - Outdoor Adventurer

Meramec Tube Float 2022: The Creekquel

Needs a location

This event was such a hit the last time we went, we decided to do it again!

Either rent or bring your own inner tube to Ozark Outdoors. For a fee, they will shuttle you a short distance to the banks of the Meramec River. You'll put your tube in the water and float approximately one mile downriver to the take-out point (which takes about 45 minutes).

But the good times don't stop there!

Within about 20 minutes, the shuttle will show up to take you back where you started for another tube trip!

You can go as many times around as you want (although we usually do a couple loops, stop to eat lunch, then go for another couple loops before we've had our fill.)

Once we're finished, we'll head a few miles down I-44 to Missouri Hick BBQ in Cuba, where we'll have the option to indulge in all-you-can-eat ribs and sides!

It's highly recommended that you reserve your tube early, just in case all the tubes are rented out by the date of our float. When you make your reservation, mention that you are with the "St. Louis Singles Adventure Group" or the "Moses" party to ensure that you are directed to our included in our group.

For those who are interested, we'll be staying the night prior at either the Ozark Outdoors campground or motel. Please check out the "Campout @ Ozark Outdoors" event page for details and reservation process.

WEBSITE: Ozark Outdoors Resort
COST: Rental - $25 ($39 for cooler float); BYO - $18
PETS ALLOWED: On leash (although taking a pet on an inner tube may prove difficult)
1 - Explorer (if you didn't camp the night before)
1 - Mariner
1 - Outdoor Adventurer

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Let's Linger a Little at Laumeier (Sculpture Park)

Needs a location

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