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StackChat is a small monthly web development focused meetup based at DRPG's offices in Hartlebury, Worcestershire.

Each month we will have new speakers discussing various topics from across the web development world from Security to Stylesheets, nginx to Node, PHP to Python... you get the picture.

Come and join us on the last Thursday of each month and have a beer, listen to industry experts and meet like-minded people!

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#4 - The Making of a Great API


#4 - The Making of a Great API Everyone is writing APIs but what makes a great one? I will take you on a tour of the most important features that you should think about when creating an API. These ensure that your API plays well with HTTP and make your API a delight to maintain and work with. Give your API a competitive edge by making it great and developers will want to work with it. We will cover the most important things that make up a great API. You will learn: * The importance of following the HTTP spec in terms of key parts of RFC7321 along with the how and why of API versioning. * How error handling affects usability of an API and why RC7807 is so useful. * How to document an API Speaker Bio: Rob Allen Twitter: @akrabat Rob Allen is a software consultant and developer with many years experience and writes code in PHP, Python, Swift and other interesting languages. He leads Slim Framework's development team and contributes to rst2pdf, Apache OpenWhisk and other open source projects. Rob is a published author and based in the UK where he runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focusing on API development, training and consultancy. In his spare time, Rob blogs at https://akrabat.com and can often be seen with a camera in his hand.

#7 - Domain Driven Design


#7 - Domain Driven Design A book called Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity at the Heart of Software came out in 2004. In the book, commonly referred to as The Blue Book, the author Eric Evans defines two parts; Tactical and Strategic. The Tactical part talks about low-level design patterns like Entity, Value Object and Repository. These are defined in the first two-thirds of the book and will not be covered in this session. The last third of the book on covers Strategic DDD which deals with methodologies for analysing and modelling complex domains. As businesses and software solutions have become more complex over the last 20 years, the importance of understanding the business and producing higher level designs have become essential to creating successful products. In this session you will learn about the patterns described in the Strategic section of the book and how you can use them to help model your high level domains. You will also learn how the ever growing DDD community have built on to Eric's original ideas over the last 15 years to make introducing and using DDD much easier and more beneficial for everyone. Speaker Bio: Ian Russell Twitter: @ijrussell Ian Russell is an experienced software developer and has been regular speaker at user groups and community conferences around the UK for over 10 years. He has been interested in Domain-Driven Design since he first read the blue book in 2007.

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