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In Stadi Talkers you will develop your public speaking, presentation and leadership skills in a safe and welcoming environment through practice, feedback and mentoring.

Afraid of public speaking? Want to develop the communication and presentation skills for work or studies? Want to get better at pitching your ideas? Or simply in need of a new hobby for fun and meeting new people? Join us! Stadi Talkers is the perfect fit for you!

The Club is an excellent opportunity for you because here you can practice your skills in a safe place - no matter what is your starting point. You will be surprised how fast you'll learn new skills!

All the meetings will be in English but don't be afraid to join even if you haven't used English that much. You get good practice in English at the same time!

In each meeting we have usually 20-25 people. Our members come from different background and are of all ages.

The meetings include 3-4 short (5-7 min) speeches, an evaluation session and an impromptu speeches session.

Guests can take part to the impromptu session if they feel like (no pressure ;) ).

Members of the club take different roles for each meeting to hone their skills in leading people, critical thinking, giving feedback and many others.

Stadi Talkers is part of the international Toastmasters organization promoting public speaking and leadership skills development. You can find more information about Toastmasters at http://www.toastmasters.org/

If you got interested, come to one of our meetings as a guest!

Everybody is warmly welcomed!


Ei kannata pelästyä englannin kieltä, Stadi Talkersiin voi hyvin tulla myös, vaikka englannin kielen taidot eivät olisikaan ihan hanskassa. Täällä sitä oppii samalla!

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Stadi Talkers Toastmasters Meeting

Villin Wäinön Musta Sauna

** We are in the downstairs main hall, not in the sauna, but Google Maps doesn't have any other location marker available. We will try to fix that. ** Do you want to become a better speaker and leader? Welcome to the Stadi Talkers Toastmasters Club! We are a member club of Toastmasters International which is a non-profit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Our basic meeting format consist of the following parts: 1) Impromptu speech session (4-5 speeches of 1-2 min) 2) Prepared speeches (3-4 speeches of usually 5-7 min) 3) Evaluation session The meeting of 17th Feb is a special "Speech Marathon" meeting in which the program consists mainly of prepared speeches. No matter what your occupation is, the skills you learn in Toastmasters will benefit you. Improving your presentation skills, getting better at pitching your ideas, and improving your interactions with other people is an investment that pays dividends for a lifetime. You can find out more about Toastmasters on the global web pages http://www.toastmasters.org , but the best way to understand the concept is to experience it firsthand. Guest are welcome to our meetings, and if you like you can also participate in the impromptu speech session. You can also find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/staditalkers We start our meetings at 18:00 hrs. It is recommended that you arrive early to have a chance to chat with the club members before the program begins. We hope to see many of you in a Stadi Talkers meeting soon. Welcome!

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Stadi Talkers Toastmasters Meeting

Villin Wäinön Musta Sauna

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