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If you found this group from the CBS website, there are some errors in the reporting. Charles Fleming has nothing to do with this group and he does not lead any hikes.

ALMOST everybody is approved for membership, as long as a recent pic is include AND you didn't cause trouble/banned in other area Meetup groups. Most people are not approved because they did NOT include a pic!!


This is a free group that meets a few times a month to get exercise on the hidden stairways in LA. The group is about getting a workout/exercise while using the hidden staircases in the LA area. The walks are not guided tours! We do NOT do the two stair climbs that are held in buildings in downtown LA.


You will have to be approved for membership. People are rejected for membership because they do not include a current picture that themselves, that clearly shows their face! Or, they have been kicked out of other Meetup groups for bad behavior.

We would like members who attend our stairhikes, as often as their schedule allows. We do not want people who are just signing up for group. Recently, been getting too many request from people who do not live in the LA area. If you do not live in the LA, you will no be accepted!

No Flakes Zone:

If you're a flake- no show or late cancels to events, please find another group. There is a strict no show policy, 3 no shows and you will be removed from the group, for Stairclimbers of LA.

New Members: If you no show to the first event you signed up for, you will be removed from the group. You will NOT be able to rejoin the group.


So, as of today, January 9, 2019 the new policies are:

If you have been removed as a member from this group, you are not welcomed back as a guest!! What gall to actually come back to a group you were removed from!

Members do not bring a removed member as your guest. If you don't know if that member has been removed, simple- ask if they were a member of this group before.

The member who brings a removed member as a guest, will be removed from the group.

At the stairhike, if a removed member does come on the stairhike, the removed member and the current member will not be allowed to come on the stairhike. If this continues to be an issue, guests will not be allowed to come on stairhikes. I really hope it doesn't come to this.



A recognizable photo is required for membership. Not pics of your pets, or far away pics. But, a pic where we can recognize you. No exceptions. Updated May 27, 2013.

Pace of Walks:

The pace of each walk is clearly stated for every walk.

No Sweep-There are no sweeps on the walk; person at the back who knows the route.

You are responsible for keeping pace with the group. This means who do NOT wait forever for people to catch up!

If you aren't able to keep pace on the walks you are on your own to get back to the starting point.

The faster workout type pace walks are still walks. We do not run.


Routes are designed to go up the stairs as much as possible, not to repeat any staircases or backtrack along the route-when possible.

Staircase counts- As long as we do not cross a street/alleyway, it is considered one staircase.

RSVPing to Events

Stairclimbers of LA is a group that is free to join and go on our walks. I only ask members Don't be a Flake. If you RSVP yes, please show up to the event. Don't make it a habit of RSVP Yes, then changing your RSVP later.

I limit the number of participants to each event because some of the streets and staircases are narrow and make for slow walks. So, please only attend events that you have RSVP Yes for.

RSVP will open 7-10 days before the walk. This makes it fair for all members.


Newcomers-If you no show to the first event you signed up for, you will be removed from the group. You will NOT be able to rejoin the group. Remember this, you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

3 Strikes policy-3 strikes and you're out No Show policy. If you no show for three events without notifying the host of the event, you will be removed from the group.

I understand things happen. If you contact the Org, AO or event host of the walk about why you no showed, within a couple days after the event, it will not be considered a no show. Otherwise if you no show for three events without notifying the host of the event, you will be removed from the group.

Online safety

For your safety on any Meetup group: Meetup is a public site that anybody with internet access can find.

Do not post any personal information-phone number, email addy, or home address on the Meetup site. Or the personal info for another member.

When you RSVP, just RSVP yes or no, without a comment containing personal information such as; Out of town or On vacation for two weeks. There is no reason to say you're on vacation for two weeks or you're out of town. This is for your own safety.

Looking forward to New Discoveries!

Thank you,

Stairclimbers of LA

*Members who join this group are automatically bound to Hidden Stairs of LA's Policy and Release Agreement. (https://www.meetup.com/Hidden-Stairs-LA/pages/Hidden_Stairs_of_LA_Policy_and_Release_Agreement/)

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