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What we’re about

This is a meetup for {Cmd, Jl, R, Scala, Py, Matlab} Stan users. The plan is to have talks, Q & A sessions, and workshops.

Stan ( is a probabilistic programming language implementing full Bayesian statistical inference with 

• MCMC sampling (NUTS, HMC)

and penalized maximum liklelihood estimation with

•  Optimization (L-BFGS)

Stan is coded in C++ and runs on all major platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows).

Stan is freedom-respecting, open-source software (new BSD core, GPLv3 interfaces).


Many thanks to CiBO Technologies for their support of the meetup group.

CiBO is on a mission to solve the world’s most important agricultural challenges - from food security to resilience - in order to create a better state of being for all people and our planet.