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This group is for anybody who is interested in energy medicine. Think about how many cultures have a holistic therapy associated with energy. Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, TCM, acupuncture, meridian therapy, reflexology; the list goes on. I have a list of 28 arts!
Ki can be thought of as the electromagnetic energy that flows in and around the body. It has different names in different cultures - Ki in Japan, Qi or Chi in China, Prana in India, Mana in Polynesia, Huna in Hawaii, Bioplasmic energy in Russia, and 'The vital or 'life force' in the West. The Greeks, Egyptians & the Native Americans also give it a name. It is considered to be the motivating life force common to all living things, therefore it gives us a connection to every other life-form on Earth and a continuity with every element in the universe. With each breath, we share with every other creature in the flowing energy of our whole planet.
There will be Reiki courses & attunements, Reiki shares, meditations and much more.

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Animal Reiki Course

Zentai Crystals

During the course, you will: - learn about protecting yourself from negative energy. - have a practical demonstration of giving a Reiki treatment and an opportunity for you to practice - learn how to use Reiki on animals - learn hand positions animals - receive four Reiki attunements (if required) You will be given support during your 21 days of self-healing to allow you time to adjust to this shift in your vibration. You will receive a manual and a certificate Course Cost £40.00. Reiki Level 1 Attunements fee £40 (if required) (£20 deposit required) Venue : Venue maybe subject to change 10.00am - 3.00pm includes Manual, a Certificate, and refreshments 3.00pm - 4.00pm Reiki Level 1 attunements The 4 attunements changes your vibrational level and facilitates self-healing. Daily practice is required for 21 days after attunment whilst your Chakras re-balance bringing your body into harmony with the new Reiki energy.you receive the 4 attunements and enjoy a relaxing practical day of healing whilst gaining confidence to use Reiki healing on yourself friends and family. Venue : 18 Grove Place, Standish, WN6 0EP Run by a traditional Usui Reiki Master

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