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The aim of this group is to unite fans of Star Trek, young and old, who enjoy the shows, films, or play Star Trek Online. We will be meeting face to face and online. All are welcome. Regular members will become part of the crew of the U.S.S. Portland. Based in the Portland metro area, we have meetups ranging from as far west as Beaverton, to the north in Vancouver, to the south in Oregon City, and to the east in...well we haven't had much towards the east yet :) Perhaps a Trek-style hike on Mt. Hood sometime? Come and enjoy us!

Never forget Chris Rockhold, our founder. May he rest in peace...at his new job in Kansas teaching pilots how to fly!

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Meet & Greet & Play Games @ Mox

Mox Boarding House

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This is a perfect time to come by and meet us! On the first Saturday of the month we play board games designed for the casual and non-gamers. We have several Co-Op game options as well as Trivia and other social games. If you want to come and play, or just stop by and say "Hi" this is your perfect time to get noticed and also qualify yourself for our "Meet and Greet" required events held in peoples homes. Mox Boarding House is a large gaming venue with plenty of tables to just sit and play games, along with a full restaurant menu.

These are a list of some of the games we regularly bring to these events...

Star Trek: Risk
(a great redo of the classic)
Star Trek: Catan
(a reasonably easy and competitive game to learn)
Star Trek: Five Year Mission
(a fun and fast paced co-op game with dice)
Star Trek Panic!
(Join the crew and complete missions and keep the 1701 from blowing up!)
Star Trek: Deck Building Game
(There is both a Original Series and a TNG one)
Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises
(A really fun Ferengi auction game)
Star Trek: Frontiers
(A deep strategy game based on Mage Knight)
and of course you can always bring YOUR favorite Trek game, or any other game that you really love and are willing to teach.

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Meet & Greet & Play Games @ Mox

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