What we're about

This is a group page for anyone who considers themselves fans of Star Trek. This group page did exist before at some time, and I was the leader of that group for awhile, however I had to step aside for financial reasons. My situation has improved, so I am restarting this group page all over again! Whether you have been a fan since the very first pilot episode of Star Trek and joined them for their exploration of social issues, enjoyed learning science and being entertained with The Animated Series, became a part of The Next Generation family, fought bravely along-side with the Deep Space 9 crew, became lost in space with the Voyager crew, enjoyed a look back in time to the beginning of the federation in Enterprise, or came to know of Star Trek through the J.J. Abrams movies, or enjoy all of the above, you are all welcome here. We plan on making this group about getting together to watch movies/shows at various locations (please feel free to volunteer your place or let me know of any place we can set up for viewing), game nights, possibly making fan films, cosplay workshops, and various other activities that would be awesome to do. Vulcans, Klingons, Cardassians, Ferengi, Romulans, Borg, Andorians, Humans, Tribbles and everyone else—Welcome aboard!

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