Webinar: How to Create those Amazing Time Stacks and Star Trails

Star Circle Academy
Star Circle Academy
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Learn how to capture and create Star Trails (and Time Stacks like the one featured here) and in the photos.

What You'll Learn
* Equipment recommendations.
* Camera settings for shooting star trails and time stacks
* Recommended workflow
* What "Stacking Is"
* How to create images using free tools - StarStax (free)
* How Moonlight affects your Star Trail shot(s).
* Some sneaky processing tips
* How to overcome common problems
* How to do Advanced Processing using the StarCircleAcademy Stacking Action(s).
* Links to great resources

It is interactive. Ask questions, get answers! Get a reduced cost copy of Advanced Stacker PLUS in the deal (With an extra surprise).

Interested in the Time Stacks technique? Check out this article: https://starcircleacademy.com/2018/03/time-stacks

Bring your laptop/computer (that's how you'll join as this is an online meeting)