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(Interest List) Webinar NP320 - Down with the NOISE

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Are you perplexed about noise - where it comes from, what it is, how to vanquish it?

Would you like to know how to determine the working limits of your equipment and how to make the best progress to your goal?

This 90 minute webinar covers the following topics:

What IS noise, anyway? What causes noise? What are the key noise contributors? How do I determine the noise level in my equipment? What tradeoffs can I make to get cleaner images with less work? What about post processing? How can I remove or reduce noise effectively? And more! During the Q&A format webinar we'll address those things that bedevil the night and low-light photographer: hot and dead pixels, "salt and pepper" noise, colorful speckles, red fuzz in dark areas, And describe how to reduce and in some cases completely eliminate noise.

During and after the course you'll have access to private material to move your night and low light photography to the next level.

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