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The Message of this group is to help you connect the seemingly invisible dots that connect us to each other and to our world and the greater divide. The main drive behind it is that over the past 20 years in my personal research regarding the impact light has on our lives I have studied the effects kaleidoscope patterns have on us physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have come across a certain perspective of our divine nature and how it unfolds. It's my intention to share these findings with you, in the hope that you will become more curious about our purpose on this planet.

I will be constantly updating this group with interesting and very relevant information that I find available. These views are simply for you to gauge your own perspective by viewing inserts produced by various teachers, healers, and scientists in their own field. The reason is simple. The secret is out. We are creating our future now. It's a process a journey of letting go of illness, pain, suffering and other forms of emotional limitation. No one is really there yet, it's a collective process.

If you are curious about a certain aspect of video material sent to you or feel the need to share your insights, they are more than welcome. This is an open group. Your feedback is not only appreciated but also valuable.

Until then I hope you enjoy the information supplied.

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