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Welcome Star Souls!

You are Not Alone

Star Souls MeetUp Location: Mill Valley (Marin County)

My intention is to make this a recurring group with seminars that goes deeper into discussing concepts, sharing experiences, offering tools sets and enjoying community.

For an idea of concepts and ideas we might cover, check out my blog at: https://solarismodalis.com/

The MeetUp and Seminars are for those who know that they are awakening Star Souls, or Starseeds.

We will also hold periodic ‘big’ seminars in Pleasant Hill, (near Walnut Creek), California

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Do You Know You Are A Star Soul?

Do you feel you are on a mission, far from home?

Have you always felt differently?

Had unusual experiences?

Do you travel in the Dreamtime?

Do you look at the stars with longing?

Do you see and feel the energy?

Do the stars and the sky speak to you?


Many Star Souls remember a history. Usually it is particular to their memory.

Lifetimes on other planets, travel between the stars.

Do you always look up and see the same star or the same imagery?

Do you resonate with particular ETs?

Do you resonate with galactic or celestial energies?

Do you feel you are a Starseed?

Come and share your insights and learn the characteristics and qualities of an awakening Star Soul along with tools and techniques for Star Souls.

Seminar - MeetUp is $20 per person.

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Star Soul - You Are Not Alone

Mill Valley

Star Soul - You Are Not Alone

140 Mayhew Way


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