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DnD: Character Workshop & Dungeon Crawl — Session 0
If you’ve ever had a desire to create a character that’s totally unique, launch some crazy experiment, or find your favorite build — then this is the DnD session for you. The only requirements are that players keep an open mind for what they and others may put together... and that you can only use officially released/published source materials (no homebrew or playtest materials). If you have any questions on if something specific is allowed, please feel free to direct message me. We’ll meet at the Landing next to the Pot Belly in the Crystal City shops, in Arlington. It’s connected to the yellow and blue line metros and has free garage parking on the weekends. Our first session will focus on reviewing your level 20 creations and getting our feet wet in a small dungeon. Subsequent sessions will allow us to further test out your builds in various dungeons and between each dungeon session you’ll be able to modify your character’s build to help you map out the perfect/unique one for you. Eventually, however, we’ll begin a new campaign where you can start with a low-level version of your character; or roll a new one.

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