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A long time ago in a large city far, far away the Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston Meetup was formed... The Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston Meetup Group is for those who have an appreciation for the Star Wars universe, including mythology, cosplay, collectibles and philosophy. Some of us remember seeing Star Wars Episode IV on the big screen in 1977 and it captured our hearts and imagination, while others may have grown up seeing Episodes I,II & III or The Clone Wars animated series, a new generation is enjoying the Star Wars Rebels series. Others may have had their first experience seeing the DVD's their parents showed them or reading one of the many fan fiction books in print. We welcome you!

This is a friendly group -- one that welcomes fans & enthusiasts on ALL levels of interest and of ALL ages, including families with children who may just be discovering the wonder of Star Wars. Themed meetups, group movie nights, charity events, cosplay, lightsaber workshops and other fun events are planned throughout the year. Plus, meetups during the local Houston area Cons and other community festivals. We will also be a support for other local groups and their events, including those of the Space City Sabers of Houston, the Rebel Legion, the 501st Legion, the Galactic Academy, the Star Wars CCG & RPG Players, various charity events, as well as any other Star Wars related groups and events. Kindly remember that our group focuses on fun, fandom and camaraderie!

Thanks for joining us! Be sure to also check out our http://www.Facebook.com/StarWarsEnthusiastsHouston page. May the Force be with you!

Legal Disclaimer: The Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston Meetup is a social meetup group and is not affiliated in any way with Lucasfilm Ltd., Walt Disney Studios or their subsidiaries. This social meetup group supports charity work of nonprofit organizations, themed cosplay for fun, and friendly social gatherings for fans and enthusiasts of the genre. No copyright infringement is ever implied nor intended by mention of, or reference to, "Star Wars", the genre terminology or the like.

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