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This group is for anyone interested in Becoming the Change, Empowerment workshops, Spirituality, Light work, Awakening tools, Channeling, Retreats, Meditation, Love, Transformational Travel, Spirit Journeys, Sacred Sites, Shamanism, Ascension, Freedom, The One-heart, finding your Path, Spiritual adventure, Healing, Self development, Spirit guides, Light work, Light Gatherings, Fun, Laughter, Indigo Adulthood, Peace on Earth, Happiness, Fire Ceremonies, Goddess Circles, Mother Earth and more. It is all about the JOURNEY……. The workshops and events will introduce you to different techniques and tools , Breath techniques, Yogi techniques, Channeled meditation, Visualisation, Guided meditation, Chakra activation, Grounding and so on. All the techniques are fun and easy ways of developing your spiritual awareness, connecting with your spirit guides exploring the infinite self, and raising your vibration and connection. Most importantly you will feel happier, healthier and more peaceful.

It is from this state that you are truly in your power.

Everything Starlight does is open to everyone whether you have never done this kind of thing before or have lots of experience. If you feel called to an event follow your heart...Ultimately every starlight Meditation event is about helping you to Be in your power, love yourself more and deepen your unique connection with the Universe.

There are lots of different ways of meditating. You don't need to worry about not getting it "Right" There is no right or wrong. Being guided through meditation, allows you to relax and indulge in yourself. When someone else leads you through it you can let go of the part of you that needs to judge and monitor what you are doing. Your mind and body get to be quiet in a loving peaceful space and get to be nurtured for an evening. When you allow yourself this space you discover so much about yourself: When you are relaxed, your heart is open, when your heart is open you are truth.

I teach meditations channeled to me from my guides and others taught to me by Solara An Ra. You can check out her meditations and retreats at http://www.solara.org.uk

To find out about more ONEHEART events check out http://onelove.co

The space is always filled with love and fun so that you are able to be in your full, unique and brilliant power.


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Call of the Magdalene - a course to unveil your path

online -Cyberspace

Call of the Magdalene Book Online - https://www.starlight-temple.com/bookings-checkout/call-of-the-magdalene-17th-24th-july Mary Magdalene’s story is our collective story. The story of her suppression is the story of the suppression and persecution of feminine power, a power that is now rising, returning and revealing herself within us, for now, her story, our story, is becoming empowered. In 2016 Mary Magdalene was recognised as an Equal and the Magdalene aspect within ourselves is hearing this call! She knows it is time to come out of hiding, to shed the concepts of the past that no longer fit our womanhoods-She knows it is time to remember the ways of the priestess, to liberate the worthy, wild, strong, sexual, sacred connection to the Universe that only She has. She is willing us to unshackle from the past so that we can dance into the divine conversation of our destinies. Over this 8-day online course we will be immersed in the energy of Mary Magdalena and exploring what this energy has to teach us about ourselves, This very special journey takes place the week of Mary Magdalena’s Feast Day, it is a ceremonial, alchemical rebirth journey of deep healing and path unveiling. On the full moon after the Immersion week, there will be with a Magnetic Moon prayer to recharge the inner journey and call the dreams of your path to you. We will be attuning the Rose Golden energy of Mary Magdalene Exploring this archetype to discover what she awakens within us Alchemy Healing of the Past Temple Tantra Awakening Activation Hearing the whispers of the goddess in our hearts. Ceremonial Rebirthing of ourselves Magnetic Moon Prayer Each day you will be sent an email with channelled meditations, personal ceremony and guidance. On the 19th July there will be a live webinar call that will be sent out as a reply for those that cannot make it live. During the course, there will be an online sharing space to support each other and share in the unfolding magic of this journey, in the space you will be given one to one guidance and support by Kahreela and spaceholders. This is a journey of sacred and personal union with yourself. One of letting go of the past and shining more of yourself into the future. It is overlighted by Goddess Mary Magdalena This course is a journey you can do in your own time, everything is recorded so you can watch recordings should you not be able to watch live x Kahreela x

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