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Starseeds are human beings whose souls have existed somewhere other than Earth and they incarnated on Earth to shape Earth's future. Some Starseeds are conscious of their purpose on Earth, while others are not.

If you are a Starseed or are interested in learning about Starseeds, then Starseed Nation is the group for you. We will meet to discuss our experiences and goals as Starseeds and encourage each other in this Earth reality.

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Starseed Career Challenges

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A Starseed is an unEarthly soul that incarnates as a human on Earth to complete a mission on Earth.

Upon incarnating on Earth, many Starseeds are stunned by the idea of having to work and make money in order to survive. This is because many Starseeds come from places where they get their needs met in other ways. For example:

  • Starseeds may come from a place where beings take care of each other (for free)
  • Starseeds may get all of their needs met via the environment (e.g. Garden of Eden) or by some force (e.g. instant manifestation)
  • Starseeds may come from an ethereal realm, where existence is not dependent on material things like working or making money

Since many Starseeds are accustomed to not working or making money as a means to survive, many Starseeds have an extremely hard time engaging in those activities on Earth. They may also become mentally stuck and incapacitated by the notion that work & money are extraneous activities and doing them takes away from doing things from the heart.

In this online Zoom meeting, we will discuss:

  1. How do Starseeds cope with having to work to survive?
  2. How do Starseeds cope with having to make money?
  3. Is your career in line with your purpose? How did you achieve this?
  4. Are you happy at work? How did you achieve this?
  5. How are you managing financially?

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