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The main aim of this group is to simplify and demystify the business funding process so that you can make it work for you. We want you to spend as little money, time and effort as possible on securing investment for your business, so you can be free to focus on what's most important to you.

In an ideal world, we'd like the information we share here to reach entrepreneurs BEFORE they start searching for capital. However, even if you're further down the road on your journey towards funding, and are facing obstacles along the way, we can help you re-energise your search. 

Our events, tools and services provide a wealth of invaluable content that is not widely available. Here are just a few reasons why this might benefit you.

You will:

• learn the proven, successful approach to attracting angel investors

• find out how to value a start-up or early-stage company and give away as little equity as possible

• get the inside track on funding from active angel investors and bankers

learn from other entrepreneurs who have been successful in securing funding

• find out how to enter high-stakes investment negotiations with confidence and clarity

• get the inside knowledge on running a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign

• enjoy networking with other entrepreneurs and business professionals

secure the freedom you need to focus on what matters most to you

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We hope to meet you at one of our events and look forward to helping you take your business where you want it to go! 😊

The Funding Game Events

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🆓️ FREE ONLINE: Should I quit my job to start a business?

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🎟️ 𝗥𝗘𝗚𝗜𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗥 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘: https://bit.ly/BIPCQZ922

Join Rasheed Ogunlaru & Paul Grant for this interactive event to get clear on when and how to launch a new business.


Are you sitting on the fence wondering whether to quit your job to start something new?

Whether you’re nervous about making the jump to start a new business, or you’ve just taken the leap and are feeling a little overwhelmed, join us to decide your next steps and the easiest way to make the transition.


By the end of this event you’ll know…

The best time to start your business
If and when to hand in your notice
Whether your "why?" is big enough
✦ Ways to make the change while retaining peace of mind
✦ How to test the market for your idea before you start
✦ How to make sure your expenditure doesn't outstrip your earnings
✦ The pros and cons of choosing co-founders
✦ How to fund the early stages of your business
✦ How to gain low-cost traction
✦ How to establish a network that will help you grow
✦ How to bring along those around you, especially family and friends
Mistakes to avoid to save you time, energy and stress!
✦ How to maintain your health and wellbeing - and avoid burnout
Actionable advice and steps you can take right away
How other entrepreneurs are doing it successfully!

RSVP here or Register FREE now: Wednesday, 14th September, 6.30pm-8pmpm BST

🎟 https://bit.ly/BIPCQZ922


➕ This event includes a BONUS tool that you can use to take action on your plans immediately, as well as further free help and resources.


Anyone who is thinking of starting a business or has just begun. Grab a cuppa tea for this fun, relaxed event with Rasheed and Paul to reflect on the bumpy journey we’ve been on in recent years, and to formulate a clear game plan for the months ahead.


This session is all about YOU. Come with your questions and challenges on your business and we'll help you turn them into ideas and simple shortcuts for success. We want you to leave feeling inspired, connected and invigorated to take action!

Support from the British Library Business & IP Centre

Find out how the British Library Business & IP Centre is supporting entrepreneurs and innovators from that first spark of inspiration to launching and growing successful businesses. There are National Network BIPC centres all around the country. Find your regional centre here.

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FREE ONLINE: Reset. Restart: How to raise the money you need, now

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🎫 REGISTER FREE: https://bit.ly/BIPCRR922E

Join us to discover how to raise the money you need now and to get a step-by-step plan to fund your business successfully.

By the end of this online event, you'll know...

✦ All about agile funding and how it can apply to your own business

✦ How to creatively tap into resources and connections to generate more cashflow

✦ 10 ways to raise £20k for your business

✦ What soft debt funding opportunities are available to you, even if your business is under two years old

✦ How to generate sales and traction with little cash

Six avoidable surprises that derail even the most promising business


• Attendees will be given a free practical worksheet to use immediately after the event. The tool includes 10 action steps to guide you in securing the capital that is right for you - in the shortest time possible.

• There's also the opportunity to get a free (optional), personalised coaching session with the presenter as a follow-up to this event on 5th October.

Hosted in partnership with the British Library Business & IP Centre, supported by Barclays.

💷 FREE ONLINE: the latest winning moves for financing your business

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🎟️ REGISTER FREE: https://bit.ly/WMTRPG22

Unsure about all the financing options available and what's right for your business?

We've got answers!

Join funding experts Paul Grant and Tony Ryan on Wednesday, 28th September at 3pm BST for an interactive Q&A session where they'll answer all your questions on financing your business through and beyond this uncertain period.

In a nutshell...

Find out how to access the latest loans and support initiatives available for early-stage and growth entrepreneurs, and establish a clear action plan that is appropriate for your business.

We'll be talking "tips and tactics" and covering everything from:

✦ Startup Loans
✦ Business Loans
✦ Grant & Innovation Funding
✦ Recovery Loan Scheme (the new iteration of RLS opens for applications in August 2022)
✦ Equity Funding
✦ Tax Relief Schemes
✦ Other Government-backed finance and support schemes

...all the way to...

✦ The latest equity crowdfunding news
✦ Which angel groups are active - and which are not right now
✦ The best ways to approach an angel investor
✦ Resources to find angel investors

...and more.

RSVP here or register FREE now:
Wednesday, 28th September, 3pm-4pm BST
🎟 https://bit.ly/WMTRPG22

Who is this session for?

All early-stage businesses and growth trading companies. We're here to help you figure things out during this challenging time.

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