What we're about

1. What is this group about?
We're starting to build a community of entrepreneurs and startup founders in the Algarve, Portugal.

Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs so that we all can share our learnings, challenges, ask for help, give help and push forward the innovation in the Algarve.

2. Who should join?

If you are a Startup Founder, an entrepreneur, run a small business, run a big company, doing research or even if you're thinking about starting a company, come join us. We intend to build a community with Senior Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Researchers, Investors, so that we can create a ecosystem that could attract more companies to the Algarve and create opportunities for all.

3. Why should you join?

A community is built around people. You'll benefit from the experience of the other members, as well all the members will benefit from you. If you want to see a strong tech environment and contribute to building an ecosystem that attracts investors, entrepreneurs, talent, researchers, join us and help build the future of the Algarve.

4. What members can expect?

We're planning several meetups in various places of the Algarve to share the foundations of an ecosystem, and where to start. We expect that you become an active member of this community and participate in our meetups. We have a facebook group where you can share and ask for anything among other members.

Past events (35)

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