What we're about

Standing in the crowd and think yourself don't belong there?

You are not an island.....

Maybe U are just an Alien ! :)

This is a group for anyone looking for friends to understand the true you, get together to share stories and different views of the universes. It is not a social-skilled group, so feel free to show your real color.

The group is about anything on/under/inner/outer the Earth, which includes ET, UFO, Astronomy, Nature, Adventure, Travel, Philosophy, Freethinking, Imagination, Spiritual enlightenment, Music, Theatre, Art, Design, Photography, Charity Event, Creative circle, Books, Films, Food&Drink.........

And the most important: Meeting Alien Friends !!!!! *o*

Here, UFO=U+Friend+Odd :)

We can crouch under the cloud and talk about Alien's favorite food.

We can camp in the starlight and argue about which philosopher would like to watch which movie.

We can dine near the waterfall and discuss how a salmon meditate.

We can sing to a tree and photograph the process of its soul changing.

The human world is so much fun, and it would be way more fun if we enjoy it TOGETHER ! :D

Welcome aboard, Aliens :)

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Botanic Garden and Night Market :)

Auckland Botantical Gardens

Creative Theatre Workshop

St Paul St Gallery

Free Theatre Workshop

St Paul St Gallery

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