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Are you an entrepreneur, founder, intrapreneur, or master of the ‘side hustle’? If your answer is yes, then you are a natural-born storyteller and the Philly entrepreneur community wants to hear from you! Don’t be shy and come on by! We want to hear what inspired you to take the entrepreneurial path. What sparked you to try building a startup organization? We want to hear what worked and what hasn’t, what you’ve learned the hard way and how your start up has morphed. We do NOT want to hear your investor pitch! We want you to wear your heart on your sleeve and share the inner turmoil, the most painful crisis, the most hilarious quandary, the angriest moment you’ve endured. Engaged listening is also pivotal for a storytelling group, but we greatly encourage audience participation and think that everyone should try to tell a story at least once. If you want to tell your five minute story, email us at startupstoryslam@gmail.com to throw your name in the hat. If we have openings on the night of the StorySlam, we may take some entrepreneurs from the audience also. Storytellers will be asked to sign a release so we can upload videos on our YouTube channel. Your story may also be shared on our podcast.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, business, and startups, this is the Meetup for YOU! Come out to hear stories about startup successes and failures.

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