Broke is No Joke @Downtown

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Broke Is No Joke is a real discussion about money, wealth, and freedom for teens and tweens (and parents too). All those things that schools don’t teach, parents don’t know, and the financial industry would rather you never find out are openly taught, discussed, and challenged. From things such as making money to saving money to protecting money, to leveraging assets instead of liabilities, to earning interest instead of paying interest, they will learn how to achieve the ultimate: financial freedom.
This is not just a workshop, radio show, board game, book series, and international competition. It’s a movement to save entire generations from the regrets of our parents and to build a new appreciation and access to the Freedom we all desire.
It’s also not just a financial discussion. It’s an approach to life designed to build identity, appreciate and leverage time, and to provide the mindset for becoming the best version of ourselves.

Who is Josh Zepess?

Principal Unbroker, Freedom Fighter, M.D. (Money Doctor), author and speaker. Saving lives through the wake-up call, economic empowerment, and leadership​ instigation.

Most people live above their means and below their potential.

Building a platform to teach people about freedom. We're in a free society, yet most of us aren't free. We are free to become trapped by debt while we constrain and limit ourselves from creating a life worth living.