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What we're about

Are you tired of finding yourself alone all the time because you find it hard to connect with people due to you’re maturity level being higher than others? Are you tired of not having anyone to network with for your projects/business ventures? Or maybe a lack of support thereof? Are you wanting to become a better version of yourself? Maybe you’re tired of having fake friends and having to deal society’s stereotypes and want a place to be yourself with people who care?

If you answered any of these or similar thereof, then you need to join us!!

All males between the ages of 18-26 regardless of race (color of skin), spiritual beliefs and sexual orientation are welcomed!

This group is going to form a brotherhood from the ground up. The brotherhoods goals in mind are for young men to come together with different minds and beliefs to be a support system to one another, network and get involved in others brothers business ventures, and grow with one another to become better men.

This brotherhood will set aside social “norms” (stereotypes or social classes/statuses) for men to have a place where they can come and not be afraid to share ideas and have deep intellectual conversations without the fear of judgement and lack of actual and emotional support. A place where one can truly grow in life and within themselves.

This is not your average fraternity, this is going to be a family - and we want you to be apart of it!

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