Funding, Development and Marketing for StartUPs


You're invited to a special evening where our guests are 3 top-tier experts who are here to share their wisdom.

18:15 - 19:00: Omer Ben Zvi (

"5 Ways to Secure Your First Round Investment"

19:15 - 20:00: Boris Dinkevich (

"5 Mistakes in Outsourcing Development"

20:15 - 21:00: Dvir Reznik (

"5 Tips to Kickstart Your Startup's Marketing Activities"

See you there!

The event will be free, fun and fresh.

To enjoy it, please RSVP because seats are limited.

About the Speakers

Omer Ben-Zvi, a founding partner of Israeli, Ben-Zvi, holds an LL.B. (hon.) from the Anglia University, Essex, UK, and was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1994. Prior to founding Israeli Ben-Zvi, Omer worked in several leading Israeli law firms where he gained significant experience in commercial litigation, business and corporate law. Over the last two decades Omer gained vast experience supporting high-tech companies in the full range of their legal affairs, and was involved in the transactions of some of the most successful Israeli start-ups. Omer has specialized in venture capital financing, intellectual property transactions, joint venture and strategic partnership agreements, and M&A deals.

"Recently we have taken part in some of the most successful transactions occurred in the Israeli high-tech market such as: the acquisition of Sintec Media in consideration for $110M by Riverwood Capital (represented the acquirer – a Silicon Valley PE); the financing rounds and IPO of; acquisition of Biometrix Ltd. (representing the company); acquisition of VerSafe (representing the company); financing of HCL of approx. $25M; (which have been published), and many other transactions. We have been involved in hundreds of corporate transactions during the 11 years of our firm’s existence."

Boris Dinkevich started developing at an early age, today he's the Co-founder & CEO of 500TECH a web development company specializing in working with startups. Part of his role, helped launched successful startups including Bits of Gold, Ipawn, ClickTV, @Chicago, ADMI and worked with many others such as Vicomi, PreenMe, PractiTest and Madmimi.

In the past he worked on his own companies, led development teams and was a software architect in IDF's air force.

Boris teaches at the Hackademy, gives lectures at professional events such as The Bitcoin Conference and The Ruby on Rails conference. He organizes the monthly AngularJS meet-up and the bi-annual Technology Face-Off, manages the Ruby on Rails development course and works a lot with the open source community.

"A lot of entrepreneurs come to our office and almost all of them repeat the same mistakes. It's hard not to identify with the person sitting at the other end of the table. I've been there in the past, as an entrepreneur and as an employee of a big company that is looking to employ an outsourced development team.

After 15 years in development, it's strange to keep seeing the same mistakes and the goal of my presentation is to identify the main difficulties of the entrepreneur and find the best practices and solutions that will make the development process end on time, on budget and be of a quality that's expected from a startup in 2014"

Dvir Reznik is a seasoned marketing manager, specializing in mobile marketing, brand awareness, product marketing and media & public relations. One of the Top 10 Startup Marketers in Israel (Geektime, Oct 2013) with both corporate and startup experience from companies as Bizzabo, Onavo, Zooz Payments, justAd, IBM, Serendip Media, SQream Technologies and others. Dvir is responsible for shaping the marketing strategy and day-to-day execution, ranging from product marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, media relations, public speaking, content marketing, investor relations, sponsorships, and messaging.

Dvir holds a MBA from Bar Ilan University and a graduate of the IBM Global Sales School. Married to Dina, a clinical psychologist, Dvir is spending most of his spare time with his 1.5 year old girl, Neev, playing basketball twice a week and going running with his dog, Neo.