What we're about

The Start-up Accelerator Lab is a community of start-ups and entrepreneurs, business professionals, experienced start-up mentors (with a sprinkling of investors) all passionate about sharing knowledge and helping to accelerate growth of new products, services and technology-led businesses large, small, and start-up.

We aim to provide a forum for real-world acceleration guidance and advice and to provide start-ups with a platform to pitch their ideas and product plans so they can be analysed and any flaws found.

This group works best for serious start-ups, serious entrepreneurs, and serious product ideas. Networking is a benefit, but the aim is to provide real assistance and support links to get products launched and on the road to success. If you are a new start-up, have just launched, use the group to help grow your business.

The foundation of this community group is the Gorilla Theory project productivity framework: www.gorillatheory.com

Past events (4)

Creating a Growth Start-Up: The Talent & The Product

Google Campus

From Idea to Acquisition - Start-Up Acceleration

Google Campus

Start-up Accelerator Lab - Growth Hacking and VC Insight

Shoreditch Town Hall (The Council Chamber)

The First Accelerator Lab

Shoreditch Town Hall (The Council Chamber)

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