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Led by veteran entrepreneurs and investors, the Startup Advantage Lecture/Workshop Series is designed to stimulate your thinking and tilt the odds in your favor regarding tech-related business startups.

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Startup Advantage - Creating Contagious Company Culture

Join Z Newell at this Startup Advantage as he discusses the best method to creating your company culture. Z Newell, “Transformation Catalyst,” brings 40 years of experience as a business owner & entrepreneur, including over three decades of experience in the real estate industry. His current focus is working with entrepreneurs and businesses to strengthen company culture, increase passionate engagement in the workplace and bring clarity to the company’s mission, core values, and purpose. “Passion, Purpose and Profits” sums up Z’s focus.

Increasing the Pull: Bringing engagement and ownership to your project

Speaker Lisa Haneberg will discuss how you can pull not push your way into creating engagement and ownership in your project, startup, business, or even at home. Lisa Haneberg is the author of over a dozen nonfiction books focused on leadership, management, and personal success. She has 25+ years of experience in the areas of organization development, human resources, leadership and management development and has consulted with startup, nonprofit, Fortune 50, and government organizations. Lisa earned an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Maryland and a Master of Fine Art degree from Goddard College. She was awarded Grand Prize for the M-Prize for Management Innovation in 2010 and has taught business courses for Baltimore Community College and the University of Houston. Lisa is also the author of fiction books in the Spy Shop Mystery series.

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