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Startup Agile Group is an open platform for sharing experiences with agile methods (Scrum, Lean Software Development, XP, Kanban, etc.) within a Startup environment.

A good avenue to share experiences, know-how and experiences from real life challenges. “Agile adoption in Startup has two challenges, the first one is choosing the right agile methodology that would suit the startup’s requirements and the next key challenge is implementing the agile methodology in right way and getting the expected results.

Startups are always constrained by budget limitations and cannot afford to engage agile coaches to adopt agile methodologies.” We aim to be inclusive and all agile enthusiasts are welcome, regardless of their experience levels, the size of their team or the business they are in.

Let’s join together and make Startups successful using Agile.

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Startup Teaming (Online)

Online event

Meet and Team-up with people who are looking to build a Startup success team or who are keen to join one. Great opportunity to connecting Start-ups with talent. Let's meet and team-up for success. Event Fee: Free Agenda: 04:30 PM – 04:50 PM: Keynote on Startup Teaming by A B Reddy (Startup Agile Founder) 04:50 PM – 06:00 PM: Startup Team Pitch* (5 minutes for each Startup/Idea) 06:00 PM – 06:30 PM: Networking & Team Formation Who can attend? If you have an idea for Startup If you want to join a Startup If you are looking for a technical or business cofounder for your Startup Lean Startup founders Seed Funders, Angel Funders, and Crowd Funders Capital Investors Inventors, Innovators Design Thinking facilitators Business Strategy Leaders Startup Mentors Programmers, Architects, UI, UX, DB, Analysts, Developers Domain specialists in: Big Data Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotics Internet of Things (IoT) BlockChain Augmented Reality (AR) Cyber Security Growth hackers Job Seekers University Fresh Graduates Why should you attend? To team up for Startup success. To understand Startup insight To find the right team members and build connections To network

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Agile MVP for Startup Success - Online Session

Online event

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