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Corvallis, OR

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Dec 18, 2018

What are the top 3 things you'd like to get out of this Meetup?

to learn how to maximize my items so that they are visible to the public and that they are noticeable.

In what stage of your business or entrepreneurial journey are you?1) Contemplating/unsure where to start 2) Infant 6 mo- 2 years 3) Scaling 2-5 years 4) Steady 5-10 years 5) Seasoned 10 years/ > 6) Veteran/Retired: 20 years/>"

i don't know as my psychotherapy practice was always vital without advertising. However my art, jewelry making, is not recognized and difficult to to find the right market.

What would you say are 1-2 areas you struggle with most as an entrepreneur, and need help with? (i e. Hiring the right employees, connecting with other likeminded entrepreneurs, work/life balance, delegating, etc.)

well, it is just me so i do not have motivate anyone but myself and i get tired of using eBay, google and facebook as a place to make them known. I would like to know how two advertise, where the best place is and how to do it. i also would like to know about local possibilities.

What's your best time for meetings ? 8am-9am, 12pm-1pm, or 6:30-7:30pm

well 12:00 pm is good as is 6:30PM

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