User Experiences - Startup Designers #17

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As designers, we want to give our users the most unique, personalized and fitting experience. We want them to feel as if this product was created for them and just for them. We want them to feel at home.

This upcoming meetup is going to be just about that - how to create an experience that reaches the user's emotion, a personalized experience based on machine learning or a customizable experience based on the user's preferences.

Come join us at the Datorama offices (a Salesforce company) for a night of great talks, mingling, food and bad jokes about gradients.
BTW - this message is in English because 2/3 of our event is in English.
See you then :)

19:00-19:30 - Mingling

19:30-19:45 - Welcome and stuff

19:45 -20:15 - Talia Wolf (Eng)
The Power of Emotion:
How to Acquire More Customers by Understanding The Emotional Triggers That Make Them Buy
All the analytics, automation tools, machine learning and other current buzzwords in the world will never help you create high-converting experiences for your prospects if you fail to leverage the one component that matters more than anything else in marketing: Emotion.
In this talk Talia will show us how to tap into the different emotional triggers that persuade people’s purchasing decisions.

20:15 -20:45 - Aner Gelem Vakni (Heb)
Datorama Dashboards - Taking it Personallyn
כשחידשנו את הדשבורדים בדאטורמה ידענו שנשים דגש על הנגשת אפשרויות עיצוב וקיסטום רבות, שנתבקשו ע״י יוזרים ולקוחות, ואכן כך עשינו. בעקבות פידבק קטן - ״היי, אני לא מעצב!״ בתזמון מתאים, הצלחנו להעשיר את חווית קיסטום הדשבורדים, לגרום לסוגי יוזרים רבים יותר להתחבר אליה ולהציע ליוזר נקודת פתיחה שהיא לא עיצוב דיפולטי יבש, אלא הצעת הגשה מותאמת ומעוצבת.
במיטאפ הקרוב נדבר על התהליך שעברנו בדרך ליצירת מוצר משלים, שעשה צעד מקסטומיזציה לכיוון הפרסונליזציה ונבחן את הערך שהוא מביא איתו.

20:45 - 21:15 Allie Vogel (Eng)
Personalization for the human experience
Machine learning can help create user-centric products by personalizing experiences to the individuals who use them. But how do you personalize in a way that’s well received and allows machines to account for user empathy? In order to get it right, UX and research play a big role in users’ reception. UX designers, must bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence to real human behavior and emotion.

In her talk, Allie will share examples of best practices for using machine learning within a human-centered design approach.