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This meetup is for aspiring founders of startups. Our goal is to help people with tools and techniques required to productize the ideas. There are so many meetups for investment, incubation etc. Our focus is on product development part of the startups. Lets come together and discuss tools techniques queried to :
- Create vision for your startup or product
- Generating Ideas
- Conducting User research
- Deciding Product pricing
- Product promotion
- Creating Production strategy
- Developing Product roadmap
- Collaborate and build products.

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Crash Course: JIRA and Team Productivity

Online event

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Jira is widely used as a tracking tool as well as a project management tool across industries. Jira is widely used because of the power it gives us to configure the way we want. When we configure Jira and roll it out to the users, users might find it difficult to use and thus they feel it as a bottleneck in their productivity. Thus, the teams might feel that there are not able to get the most out of their Jira instance. In this session, we will try to understand how can we address those bottlenecks using a few of the features Jira provides. This set of features can help remove the team’s bottlenecks and improve their productivity.

JIRA Boards
- Creating Filters
- Creating Boards
- Configuring Boards
- Difference between various types of boards

Jira Automation
- Introduction
- Automation Basics
- Key concepts
- Triggers
- Conditions
- Actions
- Branching
- Smart values
- Creation of rules
- Permissions in Jira Automation
- Use Cases implementation

Jira Smart Commit
- Introduction
- Use cases implementation

✨ Facilitator: Jayaprakash D B - Co Founder & Curator @ Leanpitch Technologies Private Limited
(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpchiru/ )
JP is passionate about building products which customers love. He helps startups build customer centric products. He currently works as Product Owner and DevOps expert. He shares his experience of working 5 days a week in his DevOps, Entrepreneurship and product management workshops.

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